Attention: If Your Child Is Suffering From Eczema, This Might Be The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read....




From The Desk Of :  Audrey Lynn

Dear Frustrated Parent,

You're in a tough spot...

I know because I've been there before.

You're confused, afraid, and you don't know exactly what to do. You want to free your child from this "monster" more than anything else, and you should!

In a moment, I'll show you exactly how to help your child
conquer eczema...

Because after having gone through a heart numbing journey in search of the most effective remedies for my child, where...

...I discovered absolutely vital tips, techniques and secret know-hows beyond what most doctors will tell you...

My child's eczema is now completely wiped out.


I want you to know - from one parent who has a child with Eczema to another...

 You CAN Save Your Child From Eczema Too!"

 Here's an email I received recently...

Hi Audrey,

I bought your book "Cure Child Eczema" in March. I bought it by a chance, and to be honest I really didn´t give it much hope (sorry for that). Our son has had severe eczema since he was three weeks old and I had tried everything. And like you I too had to put my life aside and try and help our son.

So I just felt I could try and buy your book - and that was the best thing I have done in my life! I have studied for a long time - and then of course read lots of books, but your book has "saved our lives". My son's doctor (who is a specialist in my country) is also wondering how i do things.

I feel it´s a miracle really! He is not totally fine yet, but I could see a difference almost right from the start. When I tell others, I can see that they don´t believe me, but we know that it works.

Thank you so much again!!!

Best regards,

(Name withheld) from Sweden

Do you know what it's like to try one remedy after another...

...but repeatedly failing to gain the upper hand against the ever-persistent eczema?

"You Are Not Alone."

Here's my story:

My son was born with eczema 5 years ago...

I remember every battle of that war as if it all happened only yesterday...

I remember how helpless I felt watching my son scratching and crying himself to sleep every night, and then waking up in the morning to find him tangled in his bloody sheets.

Do you know what helplessly watching your child suffer feels like?

At one time, I had a very promising career as a college lecturer.

But it soon became clear to me that there was no one in my family or community who  could properly care for a baby with eczema, so I gave up my career to be able to stay  home to care for my child myself. 

Over the years I spent thousands of dollars looking for remedies for this horrible condition, something that would ease the itching and heal my son's broken skin.

I tried creams - medicines (mild steroids, anti-histamines)...

... and when that didn't help, he was given a stronger doze of steroids... Eventually my son needed more and more steroids just to live a normal life.

His skin was turning translucent and bleeding easily due to the prolonged use of these steroids.

It was heartbreaking to say the least.

I tried tests and anything anyonesuggested but nothing seemed to work for more than a day or two.

Bottom line is... I tried EVERYTHING possible...

Then the eczema would be back with a vengeance to haunt my child. 

But I persisted in my search. How could I not?

Day after day I watched myson suffer.

There had to be a reason for this and I knew if I found the reason I might just be able to find a cure or at the very least, relief from  the symptoms. 

Now after taking a step back from all the doctors and the well-meaning advice of friends and family, and after many long days and nights of deep research...

I finally understood what it took to cure eczema.

Imagine for a moment... You and your child are finally free of the burdens caused by eczema...

What will life be like?

Your child finally gets to live a fulfilling life - He is happy - He sleeps sweetly and soundly every night.

And you couldn't be more relieved, knowing everything's just fine from this moment on...

That's what it feels like.

Needless to say, My son and I were the happiest people on earth - we celebrated our VICTORY over this terrible skin disorder... never to look back on the terrible memories ever again.

Do you know that all the sufferings we went through could have been avoided?

For example - using steroids is NOT a permanent solution, even potentially harmful as a temporary one.

The KEY to freeing your child from eczema is this...

You need to have a TRUE understanding of eczema.

Only then can you apply safe and natural remedies to your child.

Only then will your child experience full permanent recovery.

When I finally found the answer to freeing my child from eczema, I decided to help other parents who are dealing with the same problems I had...

That's why I created specially for you...


"Cure Child Eczema:
Natural Methods That Work"

 cure child eczema

Here's what you'll instantly discover in this guide:

  How to overcome Eczema using KEY principles. (You must understand these simple facts for any remedy to work. I cannot emphasize this enough.)

 How to safely treat the root cause of your child's eczema, not just the symptoms. (Else you'll see no end for recovery in sight.)

 The 3 Step Process to healing child eczema.

 How to safely stop your child's itching with natural home remedies.

 The 7 types of food you should be giving your child to cure eczema.

  How to identify and flush out allergens in your house that may be worsening your child's eczema.

 Why using steroids is NOT the answer. (You need to read this part immediately if you've been using steroids on your child!)

 Learn why internal cleansing is vital to heal your child's eczema - and how to do it the correct way.

 How to stop baby eczema.

 How to use different food as natural antihistamine

 How to use the wrap therapy method to help your child in the case of a severe flare up - in many cases literally overnight! (You'll definitely want to know this for emergency purposes.)


Of course, that's not all...

Because I want you to successfully give your child an eczema-free childhood.

In other words, you're going to be fully prepared to deal with your child's eczema, from avoiding the dangers, to treatment, to eliminating the primary cause of your child's eczema...

I'll also reveal to you...

  The REAL causes of Eczema. (This one might surprise you.)

  How to achieve long term success in the battle against Eczema. (Regardless of what your doctor tells you. Believe me. I've done all that!)

  A detailed list of popular food to help your child's body fight allergies.

  What your child MUST avoid eating and drinking - what the alternatives are.

  How your child can experience amazing results with a simple easy-to-prepare juice cleanse.

  Proper Skin Care - highly effective tips and techniques. (You child can finally stop itching and scratching till he or she bleeds!)

  ... and so MUCH more!


You're ready to start implementing the many natural remedies you've learned to help your child overcome Eczema as quickly as possible.

I want you to know I'm not offering an instant miracle cure.

Because there is no such thing as an instant miracle cure.

What you're about to gain instant access to however... the next best thing to a miracle cure.

You'll be given a complete walk through on how to safely tackle your child's eczema from every angle, ultimately giving your child the eczema free childhood he or she truly deserves.

Remember, this is exactly what I've done for my boy, so what I'm revealing to you is proven, straight-to-the-point information that works.

In other words... you can simply follow my detailed 72-page no frills, information-rich guide and...

I guarantee you'll see amazing results for your child.

You can easily fork $100s, $1000s on doctor's consultation and medicine - TCM - alternative treatment for your child's eczema and even supposed 'instant miracle cures'...

... just as I had.

Don't get me wrong... there's nothing wrong with that.

(of course, except for the 'instant miracle cures'!)

They're fine for treating various symptoms, easing and suppressing the pain...

But you MUST know this...

If you don't deal with the primary cause of your child's eczema head on with safe and all natural remedies, you'll see no end in sight for your child's suffering.

So I'm sincerely advising you to handle your child's eczema with the most effective methods, equipped with a complete understanding of the essential principles I've provided in this special guide...

And soon your little one will be living an Eczema-free childhood.

You can finally experience happy family times once again.

This I can guarantee you.


Are you looking for those miraculous Before and After pictures?  You won't find it here.  I can get those pictures anywhere and paste them  here to convince you.  But I have to stress again, I am not selling a miracle cure.



And do something REAL for your child.

Do you want to see your child suffer with every day that goes by?

Of course not.

I know you've probably already tried to get your hands on many possible solutions to eczema for your child...

But please take this to heart: This is going to be the last guide you'll ever need to save your child from eczema.


Marie-Ida Bonneau,

"We strongly recommend Cure Child Eczema for the useful links, personal explanations, natural approaches and resources. We believe that the author' views will help you to understand eczema, identify the triggers and most importantly help your child to feel better. "

-- Review excerpt from


Here's what other buyers got to say about this book

Carrie, a mother of an 11 year old boy with eczema, has written to me asking for help.  After reading my book , here is what she has to say:

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. I've been wanting to help my child and to find relief naturally. Your book has given me the encouragement and hope to help my son. You've shared a lot of wonderful and insightful ideas on how to address and naturally treat not just the eczema but the cause of the problem.

Cristina , a mother of a 3 year old son, recently wrote to me about her son's progress after implementing the methods in the book. Here's what Cristina wrote in her email:

I want to thank you so much for your book Cure Child Eczema because it has been a godsend to me and my little boy.
My son is 3 and he has had bouts of eczema since he was born. As an infant I realized dairy was the culprit and so I elminated dairy from my diet because I was breastfeeding (3 years I just weaned him!).

As he grew and he began solids I began adding dairy products in tiny increments. I noticed the more dairy he had in the day the worse his eczema would become. Anyway just this past summer his eczema got really bad. We were on the road a lot visiting my in laws and controlling dairy was difficult (he absolutely loves dairy) and so by the end of the summer his eczema was the worst I had ever seen.

I downloaded your book and followed everything you wrote. I began a daily routine of bathing and moisturizing. I can honestly say that thanks to the recommendations in your book my son's eczema has completely disappeared. His skin is clear and baby soft. His eczema was specifically at the back of both knees and now he no longer itches that area. I am so amazed at the results and I cannot thank you enough.

I think you bring out so many points about diet and nutrition that most doctors do not even consider. All they do is prescribe corticosteroids but that only masks the real problem.
Your book gets to the root of the problem and that is how children heal.

Cristina Martinez, USA.

Here's a video testimonial from Suzie, on her younger sister's eczema condition:

Here's another testimonial from Raylene, a satisfied buyer:

Finally, a book which I absolutely agree with and believe. Finally, ive found what I had been looking for. After 29 years of suffering eczema myself and now giving birth to my son who is riddled with it, I needed an alternative road to go down, then what I did for myself. Back in those days, my parents followed exactly what the doctors prescribed ... and it wasnt until I was in my late teens and going through detox off hydrocortisone did we know then we had to go natural. Finally, my eczema is under control and manageable.

Now, I have a chance with my 5 month old son, to go the right road, right from the start. To heal within and externally and find the trigger. I guarantee you, that my son would hands down have eczema worse then anyone elses baby out there. I have a big long battle on my hand, but I know what to do now, where to start, its just I dont know how long it will take but I know I will get there.

Thank you so much Audrey, for taking your experiences, and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us out there who are struggling, and like you said, feel alone. We are not alone. I am following your book religiously and I cant wait to get him right.

Raylene, New Zealand

More actual testimonials from buyers:


I have studied and read your e-book. THANKS for everything! :) 
I have a better understanding of eczema now. I applied some of the recommendation from your book especially on diet and skin care, my daughter is now 80% free of eczema.
THANK YOU so much Audrey. You shared a lot of simple-to-follow yet meaningful informations and tips and it WORKING WELL so far to cure my daughter's Eczema. 

Azza, USA

I thank you so much for your support and help with my daughter.  Your book has made so much of a difference in our lives.  I was truly lost and unsure what to do.  

Alyscia Cunningham, USA


i am writing to u again, but dis tym rnd wth smiles and not in tears. I followed d tips in ur book, n am reapn gud results already. U shud see my baby's skin now, it luks much better than b4... Now my baby sleeps thru d nite, wakn up only once or twice jst 2 feed n not 2 scratch. Dat gives me more hope dat ma baby wud b completely cured n soon. Thanx again 4 ur help. I really really apreciate it. God bles u!

Angela Odema, Ghana

Hi, its me nthabi,my daughters' eczema is much much better,not completely wiped off but we working towards that,i dont know where we would be if it werent for your book so thanks a million,i l keep in touch n let u know how the eczema is 

Nthabi, South Africa


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Preventing Eczema In Unborn Babies

prevent eczeme in pregnancy

Coping with an eczema child can be challenging. But do not let this stop you from enjoying motherhood for the second time or third time. While eczema can be genetic, there are many things a pregnant mother can do to prevent her unborn baby from having eczema.

In this special report, written by a qualified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner who has vast experience with eczema, you will learn:

The types of food you must avoid in the last trimester that makes all the difference

The type of oils which link to the increase of risk of allergies and inflammation

The best type of natural moisturizers for pregnant moms

And so much more!


** A must read if you are planning for another baby**



Coping With Children Food Allergies

children food allergies

Learn the types of common food allergies

Learn the symptoms of various types of food allergies

 Learn how to avoid food allergy triggers

And more!


Starting A Gluten Free Diet For Your Child ... Painlessly

If gluten is causing your child's eczema to flare up, you have introduce a gluten free diet to your child. However, this may not be easy for you and your family. In this report you will learn:

  How to transform your pantry to be gluten free

  How to keep your kids happy among their gluten eating friends

  Tips on staying gluten free when eating out

And more!



Lifetime Updates and Support

I am not going to pretend I know everything about child eczema. I will continue to learn and research about child eczema. As a buyer, you will receive free updates to the book and reports. You will also entitled to my unlimited support via email.


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I've created Cure Child Eczema specially for you.

I can help you help your child...

but you've got to take the first step. 

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cure child eczemaTo Your Child's Healing Success,


P.S  How many of the 65 pages of highly effective action-steps in Cure Child Eczema will work for your child?

I don't know.

What I can tell you is parents just like you from all over the world have read Cure Child Eczema, and I get emails every day from people praising the guide and telling me how much their child's condition has improved.

Their children are joyously living each day and sleeping peacefully every night, free of eczema and they still can't believe it.

Let's say you didn't buy this special guide.

Where will that leave you?

Will you be kicking yourself for the rest your life if you didn't try your best to give your child an eczema-free life?


P.P.S  Remember, the safe and natural solutions in this guide go way beyond the scope of doctor's advice and any information you'll find on the Internet. 

You are receiving my first-hand information and advice from a true success story.

P.P.S  Let me help you. I will show you exactly how to finally free your child from eczema, and give him the happiness and freedom he truly deserves.



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